Student Spotlight

Emilie Mathura, OMS I

Class of 2023

  • Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology
  • Clubs and Activities: Student Government Association, OB/GYN Club, American Medical Women's Association, and Medical Students for Choice.

Why did you choose RVUCOM? The Urban Underserved Track and the sabbatical program which will allow me to complete my Master of Public Health...
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Faculty Spotlight

Cathy Ruff, MS, PA-C

Program Director and Chair of Physician Assistant Studies
Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies

  • Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan
  • Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular Biology
  • Graduate Studies: Master of Science degree in Cellular/Molecular Biology. Physician Assistant Training at the University of Colorado Health Science Center.

What class/classes do you teach? I teach professionalism topics, Physical Exam, and small group skills. Why did you choose...
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Student Life at RVU

The Office of Student Life at RVU designs, develops, and implements various program activities to enhance the quality of campus life by building and strengthening the RVU student doctor community. Program activities include the Peer Mentoring program, leadership development and advisement to the Student Government Association and student clubs/organizations, Student Wellness, and co-curricular activities.

Vie Van Noy, MS, TRT, is the Assistant Director of Student Life and Housing Operations at RVU’s Utah Campus. Vie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education (with an emphasis in pre-physical therapy) from Utah State University (USU) and a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion with a certificate in Gerontology from Brigham Young University (BYU). She is also licensed as a Therapeutic Recreation Technician in the State of Utah. Vie comes to Rocky Vista University from the Southern Utah Veterans Home where she worked as the Director of Community Relations for 2 years and the Recreation Director for over 3 years. She has also worked as the Program Director at The Bridge Recovery Center in St. George, UT and as a Residence Hall Advisor at BYU. The opportunity to work at RVU combines two of Vie’s passions: medicine and education. She loves interacting with the student doctors and assisting them in developing leadership and professional skills for their future success.

Contact Information:
Student Affairs
255 East Center Street
Ivins, UT 84738

All new students will receive a white coat during Orientation. If you would like to order an additional white coat, please do so using this link New white coats are $50.00 each.

Women’s sizes:

  • Cherokee brand – #2317
  • XS – 2XL

Men’s sizes:

  • MedMan brand – #1389
  • XS – 3XL

Our students and their academic success is extremely important to us. If you would like to file a formal complaint, you can do so by filling out this form. Upon filling it out, please email it directly to the Associate/Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

Student Formal Complaint Form (PDF)

You can learn more about the process by clicking here (PDF).

Welcome to Rocky Vista University. We recognize that new students have a number of questions and will compile the most frequently asked questions here. For questions relating to the application process or other pre-matriculation questions, please contact the Admissions Office at If you can’t find the answers to your questions online (via the RVU website), please feel free to email Student Affairs.

When is new student orientation?
Orientation is usually the week prior to the start of classes. The week’s events will include: information regarding the program and curriculum, along with opportunities to interact with your classmates, RVU faculty, staff, and administrators. As the date approaches, more information regarding the week’s activities will be shared. All new students are required to attend.

What do I need to do before Orientation or the first day of classes?
In addition to being fully admitted and paying the necessary deposits, students should begin to familiarize themselves with RVU policies and procedures found in the Student Handbook, including the required technology. Each student is required to have a laptop computer with wireless capabilities. Also, become familiar with the required textbooks and supplies. The list has been posted on your MyVista portal.

How do I register for my classes?
Currently, all students are registered for their classes by the Registrar’s Office based upon year in school. To register for elective courses related to your program, complete this form and submit to Registrar’s office. For other questions relating to registration, contact the Registrar by emailing

Where can I find information on financial aid and paying for school?
Information about student financial aid, loans, cost of attendance, etc. is available online by visiting the Student Financial Services website. 

Where can I find information about tuition and other costs of attending RVU?
The costs of attending RVU and other useful information are located on the College of Osteopathic Medicine webpage.

Does RVU require students to have health insurance?
Yes. All students are required to obtain health insurance prior to matriculation and it must be maintained while enrolled at RVU. Students must participate in the University-sponsored health insurance program or provide a waiver with documentation of alternative equivalent coverage. The contact information for the student health insurance plan is HSA Consulting, Inc. (Daryl Hall) at 1-888-978-8355 or Web address is

What degree programs are offered by RVU?
The programs offered are outlined in the Student Handbook.  For 2019-2020 they include:

  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (Offered on the CO and UT campuses)
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (Offered on the CO campus)
  • Physician Assistant Program (Offered on the CO campus)

How do I apply for a learning or physical disability accommodations?
It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the process for disability services or accommodations. Specific guidelines are available online in the RVU Student Handbook, on the Academic Support webpage, or contact the RVU Disability Officer at (720) 875-2857.

Where can I get information about housing?
For students studying in Utah, Crimson Cliffs Student Residences are available next to campus. Other housing is available near both the Utah and Colorado campuses, and there are a number of websites (including Zillow, Craigslist, Trulia) which show local housing availability. For specific questions relating to Crimson Cliffs Student Residences, please call (435) 222-1255 or email

Is tutoring provided to students?
The tutoring program at Rocky Vista University enables second- and third-year students to hold individual and group tutoring sessions and test reviews. These are available for all first- and second-year courses at no cost to the student. An email is sent out at the beginning of each course introducing the tutors and explaining the process of signing up for an individual tutor. For specific questions relating to tutoring, email

When is the White Coat Ceremony and are family members invited?
White Coat Ceremony is typically held in September for the Utah campus. The official day will be announced on this website at a later date. 

What clubs are available and how do I start a new club?
Student club and student government organization information is available by visiting the RVU Student Life webpage. Students are encouraged to participate where possible. Information and requirements for creating a new student club are outlined in the Student Handbook. For the Utah campus, student government organizations will be organized within the first few weeks of fall semester and additional information will be forthcoming.

What is the dress code?
Business casual guidelines, including slacks and jeans, collared shirts, sweaters, blouses, dresses with modest lengths, etc. Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information, but examples of clothing that are not appropriate are:  shorts, mini-skirts, sweatpants, pajama pants, exercise pants, leggings (made of spandex or other form-fitting materials), t-shirts, shirts with spaghetti straps, halter tops, and clothing that may expose the midriff and torso. In addition, flip-flops and baseball caps are inappropriate. Students should refer to the Office of Student Affairs for specific questions. Also, note that the course syllabi may stipulate more specific clothing guidelines.

What are the Tracks and Special Programs and how can I learn more about them?
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine has developed specialized educational tracks to enable students to enhance the focus of their general medical education. Current tracks and special prorams include:

  • Rural & Wilderness Medicine;
  • Global Medicine;
  • Physician-Scientist;
  • Long Term Care (UT only);
  • Academic & Leadership (UT only);
  • Urban Underserved (CO only);
  • Military Medicine Enrichment Pathway.

More specific information is available online here or in the Student Handbook.   

Where do RVU students typically match in their 4th years?
The most current match list information is available online here.

What is there to do when I’m not studying?
There are great links to local area attractions on the RVU Visitors Web Page.  In addition, here are a few great links for students attending in Utah.  |  |  TripAdvisor .

Other useful contact information?

  • Admissions –  (720) 875-2849 – Colorado   |  (435) 222-1241 – Utah
  • Registrar – (720) 874-2455
  • Financial Aid – (720) 874-2442
  • Testing Center – (720) 874-2461
  • Campus Security – (720) 874-2465
  • Academic Advising – (720) 874-2452 – Colorado  |  (435) 222-1252 – Utah
  • Academic Support – (720) 874-2857  |   (435) 222-1252 – Utah
  • Counseling- (720) 874-2853 |  (435) 222-1252 – Utah
  • Campus Operator – (303) 373-2008