Student Spotlight

Rasa Rafie, OMS II

Class of 2022

  • Hometown: San Diego, California
  • Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor of Science degree in Cell Molecular Biology (Graduate Studies: Master of Science degree in Global Medicine)
  • Clubs and Activities: Lead Peer Mentor, Member of the Global Medicine Track, Member of the Days of Diversity Committee

Why did you choose RVUCOM? Feeling a sense of community in my medical school was really important to me. I attended a Meet and...
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Faculty Spotlight

Mark Wardle, DO, FAAFP

Director of Medical Spanish Elective on the Southern Utah Campus
Co-Director of the Global Medicine Track on the Southern Utah Campus
Assistant Professor of Primary Care Medicine

  • Hometown: Tracy, California
  • Undergraduate Studies: Zoology and Pre-Med at Brigham Young University
  • Graduate Studies: Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in California; Family Medicine Residency in Utah Valley; and Rural Medicine and Faculty Development Fellowship.

What classes do you teach? I teach in both years of Primary Care Medicine, am the Director of the...
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Student Spotlight

Rasa Rafie, OMS II

Class of 2022

Why did you choose RVUCOM?
Feeling a sense of community in my medical school was really important to me. I attended a Meet and Greet at RVU and immediately felt that sense of community on campus. Students were hanging out on the lawn, grabbing coffee – it was a really welcoming environment that I was immediately drawn to.

What do you like most about RVUCOM?
Hands down, my classmates. Medical school is hard and sharing this experience with such positive, uplifting people makes all the difference.

What are your medical interests?
I am interested in Pediatrics, Neurology, and Addiction Medicine.

What do you appreciate most about Colorado and the local area?
I love Colorado! Being from California, Colorado feels like the second best place to live. I love the strong yoga community here and the close proximity to both mountains and lakes!

What are your plans for after RVUCOM?
I plan to apply to residency and to teach global medicine with my Masters degree (hopefully at a medical school).

What advice do you have for first-year students?
YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE YOU EARNED IT! Don’t forget that! First year can be a time of self doubt. Make sure that you reward yourself no matter what the accomplishment is. Medical school is a marathon and by taking time to appreciate the small stuff, you will have enough momentum to take you there.

Fun facts about you:
I used to dance pointe ballet and I was born in Iran.

Why did you opt for osteopathic medicine?
I think everyday medicine is becoming more integrative. I wanted to train as an osteopathic physician to have an extra set of tools in my tool box that I could utilize for my patients.

How is medical school different from what you anticipated?
It’s FASTER. I expected the overflow of information to be fast, but I didn’t expect it to be this fast. With multiple classes happening at the same time, you have to constantly prioritize and reevaluate what you need to study the most.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in medicine?
Learning about the human body and treating patients at their most vulnerable times is an honor. I feel grateful everyday to be pursuing this field.

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