Student Spotlight

Zach Wagner, OMS III

Class of 2019

  • Hometown: Napa, CA
  • Undergraduate Studies: Physiology / Developmental Biology, Brigham Young University
  • Clubs and Activities: SGA, Vice President of Student Welfare (Class of 2019)

Why did you choose RVU? I was excited about RVU’s innovative curriculum and quiet rooms for the babies to watch lectures too. What do you like...
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Faculty Spotlight

Brian Schwartz, PhD, MLIS

Director of Library Sciences; Associate Professor of Medical Humanities

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Undergraduate Studies: English and Philosophy
  • Graduate Studies: Masters in Library and Information Science; Doctorate in Information Management

What class do you teach? Evidence-based medicine and a few guest shots in Primary Care Medicine Why did you...
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Student Spotlight

Shreyash Pradhan, OMS III

Class of 2020 (Fellow)

Why did you choose RVU?
RVUCOM’s dedication to providing care to the underserved population and the Rocky Mountain region specifically. Colorado has been home for me since 1997 and I want to have a positive impact in my community. RVUCOM offers me a great opportunity to learn in a challenging yet supportive environment to become a qualified and compassionate physician. Plus, the breathtaking views from the RVUCOM campus makes spending hours upon hours of studying much more pleasant!

What do you like most about RVUCOM?
I love the close-knit community that RVUCOM has. Every single person on campus is devoted to making superb physicians and that translates to great support on every level. When I returned after missing four school days from attending to an emergency at the beginning of the year, I was given tutoring and academic support, counseling, and overwhelming emotional support from not only my classmates but from the faculty and administration. Spending many hours a day together has molded us into a strong family and I love my part in this amazing community.

What are your medical interests?
I am interested in pediatric orthopedics.

What do you appreciate most about Colorado and the local area?
I appreciate Coloradans. We are a special breed of people and I love the laid-back, friendly atmosphere throughout the Colorado Front Range. Health and happiness are core values of the community and it is easy to thrive in such a lovely environment. Plus, all of the outdoor activities are such a great way to get away from studying for a little while. I love skiing and being only an hour away from some of the world’s greatest skiing is amazing!

How is medical school different from what you anticipated?
I didn’t anticipate having so much fun. Although this is the hardest I have ever worked in my life, I still get a chance to have fun and be myself outside of school. I have been on a couple ski weekends with classmates, golfing, to concerts, and out and about exploring Denver. The motto, “work hard, play hard” applies to the life I lead in medical school. I came in thinking that I would be studying all day, every day. You just have to make time for yourself and it is easy to succeed and have fun.

What do you do in your spare time?
I am part of a championship-winning Fighting Prairie Dogs softball team! I love playing and watching sports, playing music, and spending time with my loved ones.

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