Student Spotlight

Emilie Mathura, OMS I

Class of 2023

  • Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology
  • Clubs and Activities: Student Government Association, OB/GYN Club, American Medical Women's Association, and Medical Students for Choice.

Why did you choose RVUCOM? The Urban Underserved Track and the sabbatical program which will allow me to complete my Master of Public Health...
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Faculty Spotlight

Cathy Ruff, MS, PA-C

Program Director and Chair of Physician Assistant Studies
Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies

  • Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan
  • Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular Biology
  • Graduate Studies: Master of Science degree in Cellular/Molecular Biology. Physician Assistant Training at the University of Colorado Health Science Center.

What class/classes do you teach? I teach professionalism topics, Physical Exam, and small group skills. Why did you choose...
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Student Spotlight

Uday Patel, OMS II

Class of 2022

Why did you choose RVUCOM?
I primarily chose RVU because of how close it is to my family and the friends that I grew up with.

What do you like most about RVUCOM?
The RVU community. It is clear from the first moment you arrive at RVU that everyone on campus, from the students and faculty to the administration and even security, is actively involved in creating a welcoming, supportive and fulfilling experience. Whereas many medical schools harbor an overly competitive atmosphere, RVU has fostered an environment where students help and uplift each other. I am beyond grateful for the people I have met since beginning school at RVU and am glad to be a part of the RVU community..

What are your medical interests?
Currently, I am interested in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine or Surgery. I am excited to explore these fields during my clinical years and see if and how my interests change.

Why did you opt for osteopathic medicine?
While working with an osteopathic family practice clinician, I was struck by the impact that Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) had on the patient’s lives. Many of his patients had expressed to me that they appreciated having more choices in their healthcare and, recognizing the importance of being able to provide a variety of care options, I decided that OMM was a skill worth learning for the benefit of my future patients.

What are your plans after RVUCOM?
While attending residency and establishing my medical practice, I would like to get back into one of my prior passions of global medical outreach by helping to provide medical services to underserved areas overseas.

What do you appreciate most about Colorado and the local area?
Colorado is a beautiful state with so much to enjoy. I love being close to the mountains and the numerous opportunities for outdoor activity that comes along with that. Being close to the Denver area is also a big plus as you have the opportunity to experience great food and entertainment.

What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking with my dog, exploring good food around town, and board games or card games with friends.

Fun facts about you: 
English is actually the second language I learned, and I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.

What advice do you have for first year students?

The hardest part of medical school isn’t always the material itself, but the amount of material and the relative amount of time you have (or rather, don’t have) to master it. Managing your time well and sticking to a schedule is key. It is very easy to start feeling overwhelmed and, as you have probably heard many times before, medical school is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and take things one day at a time. If you find yourself struggling, remember you are not alone and reach out. Allow yourself to be helped, just as you would help someone else that is struggling. Most importantly, take time out for yourself and remember that school doesn’t define you. Regularly find time to do things that you enjoy!

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