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The Long Term Care Medicine Track is a course which will provide students with specialized training and experience in longitudinal medical care. With the rapidly aging population and increasing needs for long term care resources, there is a growing demand for physicians to lead in quality management of longitudinal care services. Students in this specialty track will learn various, multi-faceted topics in continuity of Post-Acute, Long-Term Care, End-of-Life Care, and Palliative and Hospice Care. Students will be assigned to a nursing home resident and will actively participate in the longitudinal care of their as-signed patient. Students will develop long-term relationships as health advocates for wellness and help their patients achieve the healthiest, highest quality of life possible in their current stage of life.

The track will be a continuum of two consecutive semester courses starting in the second semester of the first year and ending with the first semester of the second year.


Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine has developed several specialized educational tracks and programs to further develop the education of interested students. These range from 3.5-year-long tracks to single-semester elective courses.

Student research/scholarly activity is a vital part of health provider education. Research enhances critical thinking skills and increases medical knowledge, as well as preparing students for graduate medical education. Therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in research activities while at RVU.

During their third and fourth years of medical school, students work on clinical externships, under the guidance of preceptors. RVU students have externships available to them through Colorado and the other Mountain West states.