March 11, 2021 | CRT-Update

March 19, 2021

March 11, 2021 | CRT Update

March 11, 2021

Dear RVU Family:

This week’s communication will be short as our students are on spring break and many employees are taking some well-deserved time off. Employees are encouraged to enjoy a work-free day tomorrow and “unplug” from technology this weekend whenever possible.

It has been a year since the pandemic has forced us into an isolated reality of remote work and study. This has been challenging and stressful for all of us. As more people become vaccinated, there is looming hope for a return to normalcy. There have been updates regarding vaccine eligibility. Information regarding the distribution of vaccines and eligibility to be vaccinated in Colorado can be found here. Information for Utah can be found here.

As a reminder for students returning to your home-campus, please ensure you are back by March 14th.

Continue to follow all current CDC guidelines on safety (currently masking up, physical distancing, wash your hands often, etc.). If you become concerned that you have been exposed to or have COVID-19, please remember to report via the attestation form so that we can follow up with you.

These continue to be stressful times for everyone. If you feel you could benefit by talking with someone, please reach out to the numerous resources available. A list of mental health resources for students and employees is available on our COVID-19 webpage.

Please enjoy your time off. Rest, relax and take care of yourself.

Professionally yours,

The COVID-19 Response Team



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