Presidential Message | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force Update

November 13, 2020
A Message from the President

Presidential Message | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force Update

Dear RVU Family,

 I am pleased to announce the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force (DEITF) has been selected. Team Chairs have been appointed to lead the four task force designations - Community, Climate, Curriculum and Communication. Teams are composed of employees from both campuses as well as students from all programs.  During the next 90 days the teams will engage in a process to help RVU strengthen its foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

 This is valuable work and the four teams have much to accomplish in a compressed time-frame.  To facilitate their work, task force members may call upon some of you for input, support, guidance, or assistance. They may ask for your opinions or ideas. They may solicit copies of available reports, surveys, or studies. They may even request your direct participation.  Please join me in supporting their efforts however you can. As we continue to work together, RVU will undoubtedly continue to achieve new heights in medical education. 

Thank you to all the Task Force members and Chairs listed below and also to those of you who volunteered to serve. We will keep you informed as the work of the DEITF progresses. 

Member of the DEITF Include:

Community Task Force Members

Climate Task Force Members

David Paltza, Chair, Registrar

Daneka Souberbielle, MS, Chair Pre-Clinical Career Advisor

Keleka Blair, OMS IV, CO

Holly Bagot, Administrative Assistant, MSBS UT
Min Kyung Chung, OMS I, UT Angel Cruz, MSBS Student, UT
Melissa Davidson, Coordinator, Office of Testing Jason Curtis, MLIS, Assistant Director of Library Services
Ashley Farmer Hanson, EdD, Associate Dean for Student Life Connor Haskins, OMS II, UT
Kristine Jenkins, Director of Campus Operations Whitney Johnson, Assistant Director of Admissions

Fallon Opperman, Admissions Counselor

Emilie Mathura, OMS II, CO

Rolando Rodriguez, MSBS Student, CO

Kelli Petersen, Marketing Manager

Brian Schwartz, MLIS, PhD, Director of Library Services

Jacqueline Powell, PhD, Associate Professor of Physiology

Kay Stasinos, Clinical Coordinator

Jemari Roberts, PA Student

Karen Robinson, LPC, Mental Health and Wellness Counselor


Curriculum Task Force Members

Communication Task Force Members

Nicole Michels, PhD, Chair; Chair, Department of Medical Humanities

Elizabeth Dahlberg, Chair, Clinical Education Liasion

Courtney Arndt, Administrative Assistant, MSBS CO

Thomas Bigham, DO, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Camille Bentley, DO, Chair, Tracks and Special Programs Ilma Chowdury, OMS III, CO
William Crawley, OMS IV, CO Jen Fisher, MLIS, Reference Librarian
Neysa Grider-Potter, Clinical Anatomy & OPP Fellow Jaysen Hatch, OMS I, UT
Terry Hudgins, Curriculum Manager Alexis Horst, MA, Instructor
Whitney Lambarri, Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Studies Cheryl Johnson, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Rachel Linger, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Catherine Lewis Saenz, Communication Coordinator

Mark Payton, PhD, Chair, Biomedical Sciences

Gary Pippin, Director of Facilities and Grounds

Sebastian Ramos, OMS III, CO

Judy Simmons, Administrative Assistant, Tracks and Special Programs

Stephanie Salcedo, MSBS Student, UT

Mukanya Tchombela, OMS III, CO

Lynne Stephensen, Library Coordinator

Mark Wardle, DO, Assistant Professor of Primary Care

Scott Westergard, IT Systems Specialist




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