Presidential Message | Election Day – Reflection & Support

November 3, 2020
A Message from the President

Presidential Message | Continued Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dear RVU Family,

On this Election Day, I wanted to take a moment and ask that we all reflect on what has been an especially trying and challenging year. No matter the outcome of the election, one thing is for certain - the contentious battle for the White House amidst a pandemic has resulted in feelings of isolation and uncertainty for many. Emotions are running high and hope and trust are fleeting. 

Please know that as members of the RVU Family, you are cared for and supported. Feelings you may be experiencing are being felt by many others as well. You are not alone. If you feel that you need additional support, remember help is available. Employees are encouraged to call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 1-800-252-4555 or go to Students can contact their health and wellness counselors: Kathy Killian-Harmon ( on the Utah campus and Karen Robinson ( on the Colorado campus. The counselors will also send out an email tomorrow.  Students are also invited to call Student Linc at 1-888-893-5462.

While chaos may be all around us – or it may feel that way, let’s focus on the changes we would like to see in the world and how we can use our individual talents to move those changes forward. Let’s all work together, support each other and remain RVU Strong! 



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