Presidential Message | Reflections on Recent Events

March 27, 2021
A Message from the President

Presidential Message | Reflections on Recent Events

[March 24, 2021]

Dear RVU Family,

In the wake of the recent events occurring in our nation, I thought it important and healing to share a few thoughts and concerns...

What happened in Atlanta, what happened in Boulder, what happens all too often in cities and towns across the US, is an affront to our humanity. These acts of violence occur when we don’t see other people as people but see them as the Other. We need to recognize, to honor, to cherish, to instill, to celebrate the inherent humanity in every other person we meet – our faculty who teach, our students who learn, our staff who provide the very foundation of who we are, as well as those we encounter outside the University. We stand together against xenophobia of any kind and are particularly appalled by the increase of violence against those of Asian descent.

We are committed to be vigilant and dedicated to protecting the security of our community. We strive to be safer, kinder, protective, and protected. We commit ourselves to strive for the well-being of everyone.

We heal as a community through positive words, through being together, and sharing the grief, helplessness, and fear we all feel. We heal as a community through actions, extending kindness and support to our friends, colleagues, neighbors, as well as people we’ve never met. We heal as a community through progress, as we try to find a way to prevent these acts of hate in the future.

To continue to keep our community safe, we encourage everyone to be proactive. If you see anything that looks suspicious, don’t hesitate to report it. If you are on campus, call security at 720-875-2892 (CO) or 435-222-1300 (UT). If it is an emergency, please call 911, then promptly notify campus security. While we enjoy a safe campus environment, steps will be taken to help prepare us in the unlikely event of an act of violence. This will include more frequent active shooter response training and drills as well as a thorough evaluation of our facilities to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees and students.

There is currently legislation in the halls of Congress and supported by President Biden dealing with background checks, and certain types of guns, magazines, and ammunition. Regardless of where you stand on these issues, please examine, reexamine and express your views respectfully, constructively, and passionately.

As the healing process continues, if you are struggling, or if you see someone else who is, please remember that resources and wellness counselors are available to assist you.

Take care of yourselves and of each other, Together we remain RVU Strong.



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