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The Department of Tracks and Special Programs strives to develop additional learning opportunities for all RVU students.  Any student in “Good Standing” is eligible and encouraged to apply to a Track or enroll in an elective as these are fun and educational opportunities.  Currently, RVUCOM offers several different Tracks:

Single Semester Electives are also offered during the course of the year

  • Global Medicine Outreach
  • Medical Spanish
  • Comparative Health Systems

Elective are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.
These programs can vary by length and by the amount of hours spent in class, anywhere from 0 to 3 credits per course.
A student should only take one elective per semester, but there are exceptions.

The Department of Tracks and special Programs also offers:

  • Students one-year sabbaticals for off-campus additional degree earning or bench research.
  • Approval of all international rotations sites for clinical students.
  • Medical outreach opportunities for all interested students. 


For more information on Programs go to MyVista. 

Click on the “Tracks and Special Programs” Banner for info on all programs.
Contact the individual course Directors for each Track to learn more.
Applications for all Tracks open in October of the first year and close in November.
A student may only participate in one Track through the course of their education.
Participation in a Track is not required of all students.
Tracks are graded on a Pass/Fail/Pass with an Honors basis.

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Tracks and Special Programs

Ultrasound Program


The various clubs and organizations provide the opportunity for students to apply what they learn in the classroom while giving them space to heighten skills that produce more engaged community members, more innovative practitioners, and more balanced individuals.

The Office of Academic and Career Counseling provides educational support designed to enhance student learning at RVU.  Services are offered through individual consultation tailored to meet the individualized academic needs of the student and integrated with the course curricula.

The Mental Health and Wellness department offers programs, services, and information to students to facilitate a healthy lifestyle environment. Counseling Services provides a confidential, safe environment for students to explore issues of concern, stress, and more.