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Welcome to Career Advising at RVU

At RVU, career planning begins at admissions and continues through medical school. Career advisors work collaboratively with students to answer questions and concerns regarding the career decision-making process. Individualized career counseling sessions help students select specialties, create CVs and ePortfolios in their pre-clinical years, and prepare for audition externships, interviews, and residency during clinical years. Students are directed to useful resources to achieve professional goals and develop meaningful careers.

The Whole DO

A Personal & Professional Development Program

RVU The Whole DO - A personal and professional development program

Career Advising at RVU offers a holistic approach towards helping students prepare for fulfilling careers in Osteopathic Medicine. We aid students in the process of developing a comprehensive and individualized professional identity through the Whole DO program, where students learn to document and reflect of curricular and co-curricular activities that support them to:

  • Expand a growth mindset
  • Explore medical specialties
  • Advance their personal and professional development
  • Participate in leadership opportunities
  • Develop a comprehensive professional identity as a flourishing DO (The Whole DO)

We believe that this complex development often takes place in the context of tasks, (e.g. writing CVs personal statements, noteworthy characteristics) and skills (collaboration, negotiation, cultural competencies). Regardless of the activities students participate in, our career advising program assists students to identify and make the necessary connection between what they do and who they are.

The Purpose of the Whole DO Program

The purpose of the Whole DO Program is to promote self-reflection and understanding of the connection and impact between all the elements that influence a student's professional identity formation. As students acquire a strong sense of who they are, develop their personal brand and reflect on how their unique experiences transformed their lives, they will be able to confidently and genuinely express their value to the field of medicine and the world.

The Elements:


Career planning and services include resources about different specialties, sub-specialties, NRMP match information and medical student interests groups.

Learn what you will be working on through your 4 years of medical school. This timeline will give you an overview of what your career advising will look like.

RVU provides career advisor services throughout your medical school journey. Reach out to your career advisor for CV, ePortfolio and more. 


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