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Rocky Vista University (RVU) was founded in 2006 in Parker, Colorado. RVU is a rapidly growing institution with two locations and two states, which has a special mission: RVU provides healthcare education while inspiring students to serve with compassion, integrity, and excellence.

RVU has empowered students who bring unique skills and experiences to contribute to our community of learning. Through rigorous academic programs, and with the help of esteemed faculty, our students learn to ask the right questions, listen for answers, and solve problems using their hands and their minds.

The founding campus is located in the town of Parker, Colorado—just 20 miles southeast of Denver. The community is known for its excellent school system, extensive biking and jogging trails, recreational facilities, dining, and entertainment, as well as a wide variety of arts and community events held throughout the year.

The technologically-advanced, 145,000 square foot facility boasts auditoriums, laboratories, and study/learning areas that have been professionally engineered to develop a positive learning environment. This includes a standardized patient lab that has been designed and equipped to replicate the testing facilities of the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, as well as the US Medical Licensing Examination. RVU takes pride in its experienced and talented administration, faculty, and staff, as well as its exceptional student body. A strong sense of community is evident at RVU. The University employs more than 100 physicians, professors, researchers, and ancillary staff. It seats approximately 150 students per year.

Rocky Vista University’s second location is in Ivins, Utah, approximately 15 minutes from downtown St. George. The community is known for it's beautiful sunny weather, 45 minutes to Zion National Park and surrounded by several State Parks. The community has hiking, mountain biking, outdoor Tuacahn amphitheater and more.

The two-story 104,000 square feet academic center complements the natural scenery of the area. It includes two 200-seat lecture halls, three seminar rooms, 36 breakout rooms, an osteopathic clinical skills lab, a full dissection gross anatomy lab, a multipurpose/neuroanatomy/ultrasound lab, a simulation center, standardized patient rooms, and a 4,300 square foot library. The Southern Utah (RVUCOM-SU) campus also includes a 23,000 square foot medical office building across the street, for administrative offices and a future medical clinic. Additionally, the Southern Utah Veterans Home, which is adjacent to the campus provides students with the longitudinal care experience.