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Rocky Vista University (RVU) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC):

Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411
Telephone: (800) 621-7400 or (312) 263-0456
Fax: (312) 263-7462

Letter of Accreditation (PDF)
Accredited Higher Learning Commission - Verify Status Here

RVUCOM and MCOM is fully accredited by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA):

      Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA)
      142 East Ontario Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2864
      Phone: (312) 202-8124
      RVUCOM CSV Final Action (PDF)
      RVUCOM Planned Class Size Increase October 8 2020 COCA EC Final Action (PDF)
      Letter of Accreditation (PDF)

RVU’s Surgical Simulation Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons (ACS):

American College of Surgeons
633 N. Saint Clair Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 202-5000

Letter of Accreditation (PDF)

Rocky Vista University has full authorization with both the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Utah Department of Commerce.

     Colorado Department of Higher Education
     1560 Broadway, Suite 1600
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 862-3001

     Utah Department of Commerce
     160 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
(801) 530-6601

RVU’s Physician Assistant program has received Accreditation-Probation from ARC-PA:

The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA)
12000 Findley Road, Suite 275
Johns Creek, Georgia, 30097
Phone: 770-476-1224
Fax: 770-476-1738
Letter of Accreditation (PDF)
Accreditation History for RVU PA Program

At its March 2021 meeting, the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc. ARC-PA) placed the Rocky Vista University Physician Assistant Program sponsored by Rocky Vista University on Accreditation-Probation status until its next review in March 2023.

Probation accreditation is a temporary accreditation status initially of not less than two years. However, that period may be extended by the ARC-PA for up to an additional two years if the ARC-PA finds that the program is making substantial progress toward meeting all applicable standards but requires additional time to come into full compliance.  Probations accreditation status is granted, at the sole discretion of the ARC-PA, when a program holding an accreditation status of Accreditation-Provisional or Accreditation-Continued does not, in the judgement of the ARC-PA, meet the Standards or when the capability of the program to provide an acceptable educational experience for its students is threatened.  Once placed on probation, a program that fails to comply with accreditation requirements in a timely manner, as specified by the ARC-PA, may be scheduled for a focused site visit and is subject to having its accreditation withdrawn. 

Specific questions regarding the Program and tis plans should be directed to the Program Director and/or the appropriate institutional official(s).

The program’s accreditation history can be viewed on the ARC-PA website at

Students may file a complaint to the above organizations along with the following state agencies:

Accreditation Complaint Policy and Procedures (PDF)


Rocky Vista University welcomes employment inquiries from qualified individuals who share and support our mission and vision. We value individuals who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, community service, and excellence. As one of the newest of the colleges of osteopathic medicine, RVU enjoys an entrepreneurial culture featuring state of the art facilities and innovative approaches to learning.

The faculty and staff are a school's most valuable commodity. They are the basis of the school's success and the future success of its graduates. At RVU, we have a group of employees who are dedicated to the mission of providing quality healthcare education and of inspiring students to serve with compassion, integrity, and excellence. Visit the RVU Directory to get to know the faculty and staff.

The Marketing Department has developed many ways to learn more about RVU, to follow the latest news and events, and to sing the praises of our students, faculty, and staff. In the News Room, you will find press releases, the Vista View newsletter, the Prairie Dogs and Roadrunners blog, and our social media accounts.