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Welcome to the Office of Research where we are actively engaged in serving RVU’s growing research culture, which is fueled by curiosity, innovation, and our desire to advance medical education and evidence-based practices! The mission of the office of research is to advance, promote and celebrate research and scholarly activities occurring within the Rocky Vista University community.  All areas of research from basic biological research to translational, educational and population-based studies are supported.  The office of research is committed to providing guidance and opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to engage in various research and scholarly activities that promote the advancement of biomedical and clinical sciences.  Support for these areas includes: expert mentorship, statistical consulting, an intramural grant program, travel funds, and other special events to facilitate networking.

Student research and scholarly activity is a vital part of health provider education.  It supports and solidifies osteopathic principles and tents in its interconnectedness to the practice of medicine.  Whether you are an aspiring RVU student, a current student, RVU faculty, alumni, or a community advocate I invite you to explore our website and reach out to me with any questions or suggestions.

Amanda Brooks, PHD
Director of Research and Scholarly Activity



Rebecca Ryznar, PhD
Colorado Campus

Where if your hometown
New Hartford, Connecticut

What do you enjoy when not at RVU?
Playing and listening to rock music, reading good AI books, going on hikes with my dog Hendrix.

What is an interesting or little known fact about you?
I brew beer! Getting ready to brew a batch of a belgian white ale. 

How long have you been doing research?
Since my undergrad so over 10 years now. 

Where did you get your undergraduate? What was your degree?
I got my PhD from Wesleyan University in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 

Did you do any research while in undergraduate? What was it?
Undergrad and Master's I did research in the area of cardiac physiology studying the activity and regulation of ryanodine receptors. For my PhD my thesis focused on epigenetics, specifically investigating the link between flux in metabolism and changes in gene expression.

What type of research are you currently doing at RVU?
Currently at RVU, my research focus is on the biological basis of resilience ie how stress biomarkers can help to screen, diagnose and treat PTSD, depression and anxiety related disorders.

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Austin Page, OMSIII
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Class of 2022

Southern Utah Campus

Where is your hometown?
Peoria, IL

What do you enjoy doing when not at RVU (family life, interests, and hobbies)?
Outside of school, I have a beautiful wife who is also a nurse, so she keeps me grounded and always reminds me how much I still have to learn. We recently found out that we will be adding a baby girl to our family in June, so that's been the main focus of the family!

Outside of medicine, I enjoy homebrewing, skiing, and all things Chicago sports. I also have 2 pet rats and 2 guinea pigs that keep me occupied when the chaos of medical school just isn't enough.

What is an interesting or little known fact about you:
I used to play Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 semi-professionally when I was in high school. Unfortunately, I'm not that great anymore.

How long have you been doing research?
I started doing research/academic projects at RVU during my 1st year.

Where did you get your undergraduate? What was your degree?
I received my B.S. in Integrative Biology from the University of Colorado.

Did you do any research while in undergraduate? What was it?
I did some minor research projects that never came to light

What type of research are you currently doing at RVU?
The first project I started at RVU was a chapter in an ultrasound manual on fluid resuscitation and assessing volume status with ultrasound. My most recently published article was with Dr. Brooks, Dr. Towne, and 2 other students from the RVU-CO campus on epitope characterization of anti-drug antibodies. I'm currently working with Dr. Ryznar, Dr. Choudhury, and 2 other RVU-CO students on a study looking into mechanical and manual CPR on cardiac arrest patients.

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