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The RVU Writing Center integrates with the curriculum through written assignments and reflections. The Writing Center supports faculty and students alike through one-on-one and small group meetings, offering guidance across all stages of the writing process. Through audience and genre centered instruction, specific feedback, and access to resources, the RVU Writing Center assists writers in the development of effective written communication, assignments, and professional documents.


The RVU Writing Center employs collaborative discussion and writing instruction to guide writers through all stages of the writing process and to equip writers from all backgrounds with the agency and writing skills necessary to enhance their careers and lives.


  • Writing as a means to communicate, advocate, and understand ourselves and the world.
  • The autonomy that comes from education and empowerment of students.
  • Collaboration with students and faculty to improve writers, not simply writing.
  • Respect for students, faculty, and the writing process, which develops through practice and commitment.
  • Diverse ideas and the impact of individual life experiences on one’s perspective.
  • Dedication to achieving excellence in all aspects of writing.


  • Facilitating achievement of competencies related to attitudes, skills, knowledge, and behavior
  • Leading the way in osteopathic medicine curriculum in writing incorporation and assessment

Meet the Writing Center Staff

Alexis Marosi Horst, MA
Writing Center Manager

Alexis grew up in Michigan before moving to California and completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at San Diego State University. In 2009, she moved to Colorado and earned her Master of Arts degree in Literature at CU Denver. While at CU, Alexis began working at the writing center at the Anschutz Medical Campus where she discovered her love for working with health science students. She joined RVU in 2016 and seeks to help students gain familiarity and confidence with the writing process. Outside of writing centers, she enjoys camping, paddle boarding, and hiking.

Hope Ruskaup, MFA
Writing Center Coordinator

Hope completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University of Colorado Boulder where her focus was namely on globalization studies.  During this time, she also served as the Editor in Chief for the University of Colorado Honors Journal whose principal goal was interdisciplinarity.  Hope went on to earn her Master of Fine Arts in poetry from the University of Montana where she continued to work in publishing while serving as an editor for the university's literary journal, Cutbank.  Hope remains an avid reader and is familiar with many modes and styles of writing.  

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