October 16, 2020 | CRT Weekly Update

October 16, 2020

October 16, 2020 | CRT Weekly Update

Dear RVU Family,

We have had four contact tracing cases this past week, with one 3rd year student testing positive. The UT campus also had several case investigations due to a COVID positive person who was at an off-campus social gathering with some of our students.

Here are this week’s updates:

  • UT mask mandate. In response to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Utah, the Governor issued a mask mandate for Washington county (St. George, Ivins) from October 15 – 29. Further, Utah’s color guidance system was changed to low, moderate, and high transmission index levels. Our UT campus area is in moderate status. Source.
  • New students on the CRT. We welcome the new SGA Presidents Max Muir (UT) and Jack Strickland (CO) to the CRT as student representatives.
  • Revised S&A Form. The online Screening and Attestation Form has been improved and updated. Click here for a 1-minute video for tips on how to fill out the form on your smart phone.
  • MYTH: The vaccine is coming out soon so RVU should be in Phase Green next semester.

FACT: We do not know exactly when a safe, effective vaccine will be  approved for mass use. Further, a critical mass of the population will  need to be immunized (a major challenge) to result in adequate herd immunity. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely we will be in Phase Green at the start of next semester.

  • Campus airflow safety.  Our last CRT email shared the updated CDC report regarding the spread of COVID-19 through airborne transmissions. Both campuses were prepared for this early during the pandemic and had HVAC consultants verify that our air systems met and exceeded all airborne transmission guidelines. Several months ago, RVU invested to increase campus air flow levels, upgraded to higher level air filters, and are changing these filters more frequently to ensure added measures of safety for our RVU family.

As current and future medical professionals and staff at a Health Sciences University, please be steadfast in modeling best behavior to help keep our families and communities safe. Stay safe and be well.

Professionally yours,

Covid-19 Response Team



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