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Rocky Vista University Brand Guidelines

At Rocky Vista University, maintaining a strong and unified brand identity across all communication channels is a top priority. Our brand page serves as a comprehensive resource, empowering every member of the RVU community to present a consistent and cohesive brand image in all marketing and communication endeavors. Below, you can easily access RVU logos and other valuable resources.

We encourage you to frequent this hub to stay informed about the latest updates to our brand guidelines. 

Marketing Approvals

All designs except for academic materials must incorporate an approved university logo. Please see the flow chart on the logo page for a detailed breakdown of which materials do and do not need the logo.

Flyers, digital signage, merchandise, external facing materials, and advertising materials require an approval ID. If you are unsure whether your material requires approval, please send to marketing.

Requests for approval must be submitted to the marketing department via email at The RVU logo should be prominently displayed, unaltered, and unobstructed. Logo size should be appropriate and maintain its integrity across different formats and platforms. Designs should utilize the designated fonts and colors specified in the RVU branding guidelines. Kindly allow 5 business days for feedback or approval.

Communication Request Form

The communication request form can be used to request advertising for spotlights, events, and updates via official RVU social media accounts and the new Peak to Peak Post internal newsletter. 

Spotlights include the Core Values Spotlight in the Peak to Peak Post, publications you are involved with, or conferences at which you presented at/will present at. In addition to featuring upcoming events, this form can be used to request recaps of recent past events on RVU social media accounts. Updates include policy updates (ex. room reservations policy) and departmental updates (ex. Marketing's new brand guidelines page, new SGA executive boards, etc.)

Additional Resources





RVU Jonquil Color

CMYK: 0 20 100 4
RGB: 245 196 0
Hex #: f5c400
Pantone: 7406 C

RVU Shade Color

CMYK:  100 89 34 26
RGB: 25 47 95
Hex #: 192f5f
Pantone: 534 C


Clear Space

One way to ensure that the RVU logo remains unobstructed is to maintain a border of clear space surrounding the logo. Maintaining a clear space border around the logo will ensure that it is not cut off in printing or overlapping/competing with any other graphics, imagery, or text.

Preferred Clear Space

Measure 1/2 of the rod of Asclepius’ width and length one you have set your logo at the size you will be using on your material.Use this measurement on all sides of the logo to create the preferred clear space border.


Minimum Clear Space

We recognize that it might not always be possible to maintain the preferred clear space border. If necessary the absolute minimum clear space you can use is 1/4 of the rod’s length and 1/2 of the width.




RVU Letterhead

RVU Letterhead (Doc)


Rocky Vista University's Social Media Guidelines—a comprehensive resource designed to empower our community members to engage responsibly, ethically, and effectively on social media platforms. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for navigating the dynamic landscape of social media while upholding our institution's values and reputation.

Our social media guidelines outline best practices, etiquette, and expectations for all individuals representing Rocky Vista University on digital platforms. Whether you're a student, faculty member, staff member, or affiliated with our institution in any capacity, these guidelines apply to your online interactions.

Student Account Social Media Guidelines

  • If a student run account can no longer be managed by current Rocky Vista University student, then the account must be shut down.  
  • Account branding must adhere to the official brand guidelines of Rocky Vista University. Any deviations in branding must be approved by RVU Marketing.  
  • Abide by copyright laws. Give credit to sources of written content and images referenced or used. 
  • Rocky Vista University expects all student run accounts to represent RVU professionally, respectfully, and responsibly.  
  • Student run accounts must uphold the values and principles of RVU in all matters and at all times.  
  • Student run accounts must designate a social media manager/director and provide their contact information to RVU Marketing.  
  • At least two students must have account passwords and administrative access to the account. 
  • Student run accounts found in violation of these guidelines will be subject to review by RVU Marketing. 
  • At least two students must have account passwords and administrative access to the account. 
  • Abide by copyright laws – Give credit to sources of written content and images you reference or use. Make sure all images are taken by you or available for public use.  


Rocky Vista University welcomes employment inquiries from qualified individuals who share and support our mission and vision. We value individuals who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, community service, and excellence. As one of the newest of the colleges of osteopathic medicine, RVU enjoys an entrepreneurial culture featuring state of the art facilities and innovative approaches to learning.

The faculty and staff are a school's most valuable commodity. They are the basis of the school's success and the future success of its graduates. At RVU, we have a group of employees who are dedicated to the mission of providing quality healthcare education and of inspiring students to serve with compassion, integrity, and excellence. Visit the RVU Directory to get to know the faculty and staff.

The Marketing Department has developed many ways to learn more about RVU, to follow the latest news and events, and to sing the praises of our students, faculty, and staff. In the News Room, you will find press releases, the Vista View newsletter, the Prairie Dogs and Roadrunners blog, and our social media accounts.