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The faculty and staff of Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM) are committed to osteopathic philosophy and heritage, and to advancing the science and the art of the practice of osteopathic medicine. RVUCOM strives to recruit and educate individuals committed to becoming community-based, primary care physicians who will assist in meeting the needs of the wide diversity of patients they will encounter during their careers, and who will be equipped to adapt to the demands of a changing health care system.

The principles of education that guide RVUCOM include early clinical integration and experience for its students; a supportive, active and interactive learning environment; and an integrated curriculum designed to provide the knowledge, skills and competencies required to prepare a student to enter graduate medical education and support life-long professional growth and learning.

RVUCOM’s extensive community partnerships ensure that the clinical sites and clinical faculty needed for the education of its students are available within the region and that the student’s education will continue under the supervision and guidance of college appointed faculty. The COM is actively engaged in developing the graduate medical education opportunities that will be required and desired by graduates as well as other osteopathic and allopathic physicians within our community partners and at affiliated sites.

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Robert Coffman, OMS III
Class of 2025 - RVUCOM-UT
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2025

Campus Location
Southern Utah Campus

Normalville, PA

Undergraduate studies:
Exercise Science

Graduate studies:
Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences at RVU

What clubs and activities are you currently involved with?
SIM scholar club, Ultrasound society, ACOFP, ROAD, Sports Medicine interest, and hopefully the Rural and Wilderness track

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Robert but a lot of people call me Bobby. I grew up in a small Appalachian mountain town where I discovered my love for exploring the outdoors. This took me west to the Rocky Mountains where I attended the University of Utah. Which is where I made so many amazing friends and gained too many hobbies. My family still lives in Pennsylvania so I am thankful to have the great friends I do here at RVU.

What initially brought you to RVU? Why did you decide to pursue this degree?
I was initially brought to RVU because I wanted to stay in Utah but wanted to attend an osteopathic medical school. I pursued the MSBS first because I had been out of school for a while and wanted a program that got me ready for medical school but also was a MS degree and not just a certificate. Once I met Dr. Brooks and saw how genuinely he cared for his students to succeed, I was sold.

What do you enjoy doing when not at RVU (family life, interests and hobbies)?
When I am not studying or in class I like to explore the amazing hiking, cycling, paddle boarding, and mountain biking that surround RVU-SU. The scenery here is absolutely stunning and Dr. Brooks always has a hike set up if I can make it. I look forward to seeing how the skiing is at Brian Head resort this winter!

What is an interesting or little known fact about you:
An interesting fact about me is that I can ski backwards down double-black diamonds (in control).

What is the best piece of advice you have been given by a professor or student while at RVU?
ANKi…. Lol JK. I would say it’s Dr. Towne telling us and then making us tell ourselves “I belong here.” Getting over the imposter syndrome was so crucial for me to get my footing and start adapting to this new challenge.

What are your medical interests?
As of now I like too much. All I can say is that whatever and where ever I end up I know I want to incorporate an ultrasound into my care.

What is a favorite memory you have from being in RVU?
Finally meeting all of the friends that I made in our online year of the MSBS program in person at the COM orientation.

What advice do you have for prospective students?
Visit the campus and meet everyone! Only thing better than the scenery is the faculty here that want you to succeed.

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