Tracks and Special Programs at Rocky Vista University

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Tracks are competitive, optional, curricular programs, outside of the core curriculum, offered through the Department of Tracks and Special Programs. Tracks will appear on the student's transcripts as a Concentration. There is an application process for all Tracks. The educational objectives and contents of each Track are in addition to the required core curricula and are outlined in the Track syllabi. Students may apply to one or more of the tracks towards the end of their first semester. However, they can only participate in one track. If accepted into a track, students are expected to attend all track classes and related labs in addition to the core curriculum of RVUCOM.

A student will stay in their chosen track through the duration of their education unless they withdraw voluntarily, are withdrawn due to violation of the track requirements, or are in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility as presented in the RVU Student Handbook and Catalog.

Applications for all tracks open in the fall and close towards the end of the semester. The tracks start in January of the OMS I year and follow the course of the student’s education.

Tracks are graded on an Honor/Pass/Fail basis. Each track will have its own requirements for acceptance and what constitutes a Pass or Honor grade. Please refer to each specific track's syllabus for the grading requirements.

Track options may vary at each location.


A selection of short electives may be offered at each site to interested RVU students. These electives may cover topics just touched upon in the normal curriculum and/or may involve current hot topics in medical training. Recent topics include History of Medicine; Medical Spanish; Medicine in Film; Religion, Health & Healthcare; Vaccines; Introduction to the Research Process; Integrative Medical Nutrition, Sexual Health, Integrative Pain Management. Other topics are in development and may be offered as well. All students in "Good Academic Standing" (as defined in the "Academic Policies" section of the RVU Student Handbook and Catalog) are eligible to sign up for offered electives. Course titles, descriptions, and registration information will be announced after the start of each semester. Classes are approximately 8-16 hours in length, may occur at any time outside of the normal curriculum (i.e. evenings and weekends), and will be graded Pass/Fail. These electives are offered through the Tracks and Special Programs Department.

Elective options vary by campus location and mode of delivery. 


Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine has developed several specialized educational tracks and programs to further develop the education of interested students. These range from 3.5-year-long tracks to single-semester elective courses.

Student research/scholarly activity is a vital part of health provider education. Research enhances critical thinking skills and increases medical knowledge, as well as preparing students for graduate medical education. Therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in research activities while at RVU.

During their third and fourth years of medical school, students work on clinical clerkships, under the guidance of preceptors. RVU students have clerkships available to them through Colorado and the other Mountain West states.