April 22, 2022 | CRT-Update

April 22, 2022
Covid Resources at Rocky Vista University

April 22, 2022 | CRT Update

Hello everyone,

Since our last email update, COVID-19 cases have continued to trend downward in our local communities, and the CRT would like to announce additional updates to our safety guidelines. As of today, we will be transitioning to a Precautionary White Phase, which consists of the items listed below. Please carefully read through these changes. The CRT will continue to postpone moving to the All Clear – White Phase until the pandemic is declared endemic in our areas.

Furthermore, the CRT will continue to research current information and provide education around the pandemic and COVID-19 as needed. The CRT may reemploy masking and other safeguards if a county moves back to a moderate or high level of warning, if a new variant of concern is discovered, or if the CDC and other governmental bodies deem it necessary to do so.

Masking Mandate Removed

1. As of today, we are removing the mask mandate for all instances, unless you have been instructed by a contact tracer or Medical Officer to wear one. Masks are no longer required on campus or in RVU sponsored events, including:

    • For unvaccinated employees or students
    • For students, faculty or staff in labs of any kind
    • For SP events
    • In the MSBS classroom
    • For guests visiting the campuses
    • For special events or those unvaccinated guests, employees, or students attending these events. These events include galas, commencement ceremonies for all programs, and other RVU-sponsored social and curricular events, both on and off campus.

2. Masks are now optional, unless you are instructed by a contact tracer or medical officer to wear one. We encourage everyone to use discretion in wearing these – for example, in the event of exposure to COVID-19, Influenza or other communicable diseases – and to be polite and understanding when others choose to wear one. This is an optional choice and questioning a co-worker or fellow student who chooses to wear a mask should be avoided.

3. RVU will maintain a supply of masks on hand for the benefit of employees and students as needed and for both on and off campus events. Please reach out to Security if you would like to request a mask.

Attestation Form No Longer Required

4. Completing an RVU Attestation form is no longer required for students, employees, guests or contractors. If you are sick, stay home, and make the appropriate arrangements for doing so. Students should complete an excused absence form and discuss with the appropriate Director of Preclinical Education (COM) or your appropriate program director (MSBS and PA). Employees should contact their immediate supervisor.

Contact Tracing Form Still Required

5. For a confirmed, positive COVID-19 test, employees and students are still required to complete a Contact Tracing Form found at this link A contact tracer or medical officer will contact you and give you further instructions.

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

6. RVU will continue to encourage hand washing and sanitizing as a safety measure, as well as maintain hand sanitizing stations on all campuses.

Our thanks to all of you for your patience and commitment to safety during this time. We also appreciate the dedication and hard work of our contact tracers, medical officers and the Security, Facilities and IT teams for all of their additional efforts in keeping us safe and functioning during the many months of the pandemic.

Professionally yours,

The COVID-19 Response Team



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