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Articulate is a publication created, run, and produced by Rocky Vista University faculty and students for the healthcare community. The journal began in 2023 with great support and direction from the Medical Humanities Department and University administration.

Articulate aims to promote a broad definition of scholarship through the publication of original articles, research, and impactful creative works. In doing so, we hope to foster dialogue around topics in healthcare policy and education and advocate for diverse perspectives in healthcare. Additionally, this journal encourages people to produce creative works and to use these works as modes of expression and reflection.

Showcase the scientific, artistic, and humanistic endeavors of the healthcare community to foster interdisciplinarity, creativity, and collaboration in medicine.

This journal promotes the confluence of professional and personal identities, accentuates the connection between art and science, and fosters the pursuit of justice and equity in the practice of medicine.

Why submit to Articulate:

Articulate offers a great opportunity for students and faculty to collaborate on ongoing research; gain familiarity with the process of scientific writing and publication; and showcase projects that may otherwise go unpublished. Not only does Articulate count as a publication on your CV, but by expanding scholarship to include things like reflections and creative works, Articulate promotes resiliency and reflective practice, which are essential for professional identity formation.

What types of work to submit:

  • Research articles  
  • Case reports/case series  
  • Reflections, Perspectives, & Advocacy  
  • Arts and humanities (visual art, including but not limited to, painting, photography, digital art; poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction; multimedia e.g., video or audio files; other—surprise us!)