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The Office of Institutional Assessment supports academic programs, cocurricular departments, and the University Assessment Committee (UAC) in carrying out the process of assessment of student learning outcomes. The office provides professional development, analysis assistance, data collection consultation, and reporting guidance. The office also serves as the steward of the assessment process and related materials (e.g., guides, templates, timelines).

Assessment Services:

  • Professional Development
  • Assessment Planning (Target identification, benchmarking, assessment measures, etc.)
  • Data Analysis Assistance
  • Data Collection Consultation
  • Reporting Guidance

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs/Student Commitment) (PDF)

AY 2022-2023 Institutional Learning Outcomes Report – Executive Summary (PDF)


Rocky Vista University welcomes employment inquiries from qualified individuals who share and support our mission and vision. We value individuals who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, community service, and excellence. As one of the newest of the colleges of osteopathic medicine, RVU enjoys an entrepreneurial culture featuring state of the art facilities and innovative approaches to learning.

The faculty and staff are a school's most valuable commodity. They are the basis of the school's success and the future success of its graduates. At RVU, we have a group of employees who are dedicated to the mission of providing quality healthcare education and of inspiring students to serve with compassion, integrity, and excellence. Visit the RVU Directory to get to know the faculty and staff.

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