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Questions about the MSBS Program application process

  • When is the application deadline? 
    • Applications can be submitted through PostBacCAS until 11:59 pm EST on July 15th of the desired year of matriculation. The MSBS Program is on rolling admissions, so applying as early as possible is to the applicant’s benefit. We can accept students up to the time of matriculation.
  • Can I transfer or can RVU access my documents and materials from last year’s MSBS or AACOMAS application? 
    • RVU is now going through the PostBacCAS application service, and all applicants must start over with a new application.  We are not able to pull any documents or application materials from a previous MSBS or AACOMAS application.  Here is the link to the application.
  • Is there a separate supplemental application with more questions? 
    • The RVU supplemental questions and fee are included on the PostBacCAS application.
  • How long does it take to receive a response from the MSBS department once I’ve submitted my application? 
    • We can only consider your application after it has been marked as “Verified” in PostBacCAS. After this,typically, it can take 4-6 weeks to receive notification from us, but this timeframe can change depending on the number of applications being reviewed and when the MSBS Admissions committee is scheduled to meet.
  • Will you accept a fee waiver, and if so, what is the process? 
    • A fee waiver from PostBacCAS will be honored.  Applicants should send a copy of the PostBacCAS email granting the waiver to BEFORE you submit the application. We are not able to offer refunds after you have already paid.
  • Why have I not received any email or information since my application was verified several days ago? 
    • The Office of Admissions will process applications in the order they are received; the timeframe will depend on volume of applications and other factors throughout the cycle.  You will be notified by email if you are missing any documentation.
  • Do you need an official standardized test score when I apply? 
    • A standardized test score must be self-reported in order for the application to be reviewed by the MSBS Admissions committee. An official score report is required once an applicant is accepted to the program.
  • Is there a minimum score? 
    • There is no minimum score for any of the qualifying tests: GRE, MCAT, PCAT, or DAT. Other standardized tests may be considered upon request.
  • Can standardized test scores be released electronically to PostBacCAS directly? 
    • They need to be self-reported on the application. An official score report can be sent directly to if and after an applicant is accepted.
  • Are there any exceptions to the recommendation letter requirement? 
    • We need one healthcare professional letter and one pre-health committee or advisor letter.  In the event a candidate attends a school that does not have a pre-health advisor or does not offer a letter writing service, the candidate may substitute a letter from a basic science faculty member.
  • What is the preferred way of having letters of recommendation submitted?
    • All letters must be submitted through PostBacCAS.
  • What specific type of healthcare professional can write me a letter of recommendation? 
    • Acceptable letters should come from a US-trained professional physician (MD/DO), RN, NP, PA, PT, dentist or a podiatrist. Other healthcare providers may be considered upon request with explanation.
  • Can I be in progress with prerequisite coursework or with a standardized test while applying?
    • Yes, however, an application will not be considered complete or reviewed until all prerequisite work is accounted for as either complete or in-progess to be completed before matriculation, and a test score reported on the application. If accepted with coursework in progress, all prerequisite courses must be completed, and an official transcript with acceptable grade received by Admissions before a student can matriculate.
  • Will you accept online and community college coursework to meet the prerequisite requirements? 
    • Yes, although it is recommended to have taken at least a few upper-level biomedical sciences courses at a four-year university; this is useful for the MSBS department to gauge the applicant’s ability to succeed in the MSBS program.
  • Can I apply to both the MSBS and DO program at the same time?
    • Given the timing of the program admissions cycles, it is possible to be accepted to the MSBS program while your DO application is still being reviewed for the following July start date.

Questions about the MSBS Program

  • How many students are accepted to the MSBS program?  
    • Although variable, there are approximately 32 seats per year.
  • How many students are accepted each year from the MSBS program into the RVUCOM?
    • Historically, approximately 40%-60% of students were accepted into the RVUCOM. There is no cap on the number of students accepted, so this range can be quite variable. All students accepted must meet rigorous academic and professional requirements.
  • How much interaction/contact is there between MSBS students, DO students and PA Students? 
    • All programs are developing opportunities for increased interaction between students and can include: lab observations, demonstrations, standardized patient encounters, the implementation of a mentoring program, and some joint classes with PA students.
  • Is there an MCAT prep course offered with the MSBS program? 
    • No, there is no MCAT prep course offered. Generally, the MSBS course schedule is four days per week, with one day free for studying and professional development.
  • Can I work while being in the MSBS program?
    • It is highly recommended and encouraged that MSBS students do not work while enrolled. We consider this program an investment in the student’s future and prefer the students focus their time and energy on being successful in the program so they have a better opportunity for acceptance into the COM or other healthcare programs.
  • What can I do with an MSBS degree?
    • Although the majority of our students pursue this degree in preparation for pursuit of a professional healthcare degree, there are other vocational opportunities available with an MSBS degree. Some of these include research, teaching, laboratory work, clinical trial coordination, and others.
  • What is the typical course schedule?
    • Although course times vary, courses are typically scheduled Monday - Thursday between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.


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