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Welcome to Rocky Vista University’s Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program. I am pleased that you have chosen to pursue your next academic and professional steps with us. The following pages describe our curriculum and the policies that will guide you on your path to receiving your MSBS degree.

The curriculum we have designed will give you a broad and deep exposure to scientific principles and precepts. It will require you to think critically about how science is applied in the real world. It will make you reflect deeply about how science affects real people’s lives. Our dedicated, highly educated, award-winning faculty will challenge your ideas, inspire your curiosity, and develop your drive, to enhance your learning.

All of these aspects culminate in an MSBS program that will enrich your academic background and improve the strength of your application to your future career, doctoral, or other professional program of your choice.
We are committed to your education and aim to set a positive example for you, the student, by conducting ourselves with the utmost level of professionalism, compassion, and integrity. And we will expect you to do the same, as these are the most respected characteristics of healthcare professionals, researchers, and people.

The path toward success is not always an easy one; however, those with dedication see obstacles as challenges and opportunities rather than hindrances and difficulties. I applaud you for embarking on this educational journey and joining the legacy of talented students who have come before you. I look forward to seeing what you will accomplish as part of RVU’s next MSBS class.

Francina D. Towne, PhD
Program Director of Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences
Rocky Vista University


The University reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time without advanced notice. Learn more about the tuition payment schedule, individual health insurance status, and the tuition refund process.

The Office of Admissions processes thousands of applications for admissions each year. Learn more about requirements for admissions including residency status, minimum prerequisite course work, and GPA requirements.

The design of the applications-based systems curriculum is based on successful integrated academic models for the first two years of the curriculum.


Adriana Perez
MSBS Class of 2019
Hometown: Carbondale, Colorado
Are you glad you chose the RVU MSBS Program and why?
I am very privileged to be able to be a part of the MSBS program. This program has not only prepared me academically,  but it has also helped me develop stronger study habits, become a better learner and really develop strong time management skills.

What do you like most about RVU MSBS Program?
My favorite thing about RVU are the professors because they are so passionate, so caring, so enthusiastic about their field, and are always available to help. Their energy and passion make going to class fun!

How is the RVU MSBS Program helping you reach your future goals?
The MSBS program has helped me learn how to be a better test-taker, which has always been one of my biggest weaknesses. I have always struggled with doing well on standardized tests like the ACT or the MCAT. This program has helped me identify specific weaknesses in this area and find different strategies to address those weaknesses.

What are your plans after completing the RVU MSBS Program?
I plan on starting medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the fall.

What advice do you have for incoming MSBS students?
This program will be very challenging, and there will be times in which you doubt yourself or your abilities to get through it. As the program continues, you will see how important the information that you are learning is, and how this program is truly setting you up for a successful healthcare career. The professors and staff here truly care about each and every student, so don’t ever be afraid to ask for help!

How is the fact that the MSBS Program is affiliated with a medical school influenced your education?
This affiliation has provided the space for me to interact with medical students in many different ways. Medical students are always willing to answer questions about RVU, medical school in general, and OPP. Our tutors are also medical students, and they go above and beyond to help us understand the material and to support us through this program in any way that they can.

What is your favorite class currently and why?
My favorite class is the Molecular Basis of Medicine course because we are always being encouraged to think outside the box and challenge what we think we know as students/scientists.

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