RVU Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences - MSBS


The Rocky Vista University Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program will provide an opportunity for students with diverse backgrounds and life experience to strengthen their educational foundation in the biomedical sciences, cultivate critical thinking skills, and prepare for careers in the health sciences.

Vision Statement

The RVU Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program is a pivotal part of RVU’s growth and it contributes to RVU’s mission and vision as a major health sciences center comprised of a diverse student population, serving the Rocky Mountain West region.

The RVU Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program offers resources for students to achieve personal and academic success, including a) exposure to quality educators and researchers; b) a rigorous curriculum consisting of the application of active learning by faculty and students; and c) the requirement of individual responsibility.

The RVU Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program promotes life-long learning and competency in its students via its emphasis on the development of educational skills and critical thinking, and through the encouragement of scientific inquiry.

The RVU Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program curriculum and learning environment integrate a strong foundation of biomedical knowledge with the professional, cultural, and ethical traits desired in its students and graduates.


Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • Foundational Concepts Mastery: Demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of central concepts in the biomedical sciences necessary for entry into a health-related discipline or practice.
  • Foundational Concepts Application: Develop an understanding of the underlying principles of health and disease and apply those principles to clinical scenarios.
  • Scientific Method Application: Apply the scientific method and principles of evidence-based medicine to approach biological and health-related issues.
  • Reasoning and Problem-solving: Practice critical reasoning and problem-solving skills relevant to health-related disciplines.
  • Communication Skills: Exhibit effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Self-directed Learning: Demonstrate a skill set required for learning and generating material autonomously and develop study skills consistent with a culture of inquiry.
  • Professionalism: Display core values of compassion, integrity, collegiality, cultural competency, attitude of service, professionalism, and motivation in interactions with peers, staff, faculty, and community.


Caleb Wagner

What is the best piece of advice you have been given by a professor or student while at RVU?
"Enjoy the process! It goes faster than you think!" - Dr. Ben Brooks


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The design of the applications-based systems curriculum is based on successful integrated academic models for the first two years of the curriculum.


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