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Diversity is one of RVU’s Core Values and students continually strive to become more socially conscious physicians in a world made up of diverse populations.

“In today’s society—which is more divided than ever before—it is crucial to…showcase our diversity. When we understand each other’s differences and perspectives, we can move towards tolerance and inclusion.” – Gurpreet Kaur, OMS III

The Days of Diversity (DOD) Committee is comprised of students from the DO, MSBS, and PA programs. Advised by the Director of Student Life, these students learn how to develop and deliver programming that will empower, inspire, and equip the student body to practice as socially conscious health care providers. Student leaders that are part of the DOD committee are called Days of Diversity Ambassadors and encourage their peers to attend DOD events throughout the year.

This year look forward to our Days of Diversity activities:

Programming 2016-2017

Programming 2017-2018


[September 18, 2020]

Dear RVU Family,

As part of our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at RVU, we are seeking to increase our understanding of other cultures and religions by providing information regarding their major holidays. By learning about perspectives different from our own, we can strive to increase understanding, reduce prejudices and biases, and further open our heart... 

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Increasing Diversity Efforts At RVU

[September 6, 2020]

On June 2nd, RVUCOM’s student-led diversity committees in both CO and UT collaborated to host Rest in Power, a virtual memorial, to commemorate the losses and honor the lives of Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. With their deaths sparking national and global outrage against racial injustice and police brutality, the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and ensuing protests supported by people of all races, ages, and genders have signaled a pressing shift in consciousness...

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Presidential Message | Continued Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

[August 28, 2020]

Dear RVU Family,

The unrest across our nation continues.  Many segments of the Country are crying for respect, safety, and opportunity for every American.  The violence initiated by individuals and groups trying to steal the message of peaceful protest continue to test our resilience and sense of hope.  This week...

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Presidential Message | Recent Tragic Events

[June 05, 2020]

Dear RVU Community,

Recent tragic events have reinforced that racism is still an ugly reality in our country.

We grieve over the senseless death of George Floyd and all whose lives have been cut short only because of the color of their skin...

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Diversity At RVU: A Growing Movement

[May 08, 2020]

After nearly a year of planning, the next step in a growing movement at RVU to support diversity on campus came to fruition with the Racial Equity Institute’s (REI) Groundwater Diversity Training, an event hosted by RVU’s Diversity Committee. The training, presented by Deena Hayes-Greene and Monica F. Walker of REI, brought together students...

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Celebrating Diversity At RVU

[November 11, 2019]

The International Feast of Flavors is a staple of the Days of Diversity Series, a program that takes place through the school year and is a celebration of what makes everyone at RVU unique. On the Colorado campus, the feast of savory dishes included homemade dishes and drinks like...

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