July 17, 2020 | COVID-19 Update

July 17, 2020
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July 17, 2020 | COVID-19 Update

Dear RVU Family,

This week marked RVU’s first virtual new student orientation for 297 of the newest members of our RVU Family. We are excited to welcome our new student doctors as they officially start classes on Monday! Our third year COM students demonstrated wonderful professionalism when they were on campus this week for Fundamental of Clinical Medicine (thank you!). We wish them the best on their clinical externships!

Please read the following important reminders and announcements:

  • New students coming on campus must learn and adhere to the reintegration process. Details regarding the process were sent out via email by Dr. Roos on yesterday (7/16) at 11:23. You are expected to carefully read and comply with everything in his email.
  • All students must complete the Student Return to Campus Acknowledgement Form by Monday, July 16, 2020.  Just to be clear, all students mean  all students who plan to be on campus.
  • Everyone must carefully read and complete the Online Screening and Attestation Form Please do this as earliest as possible on the day of your entry. If you have a positive screen, a Medical Officer (Dr. Ambler, Dr. Kinder, or Dr. Park) must communicate with you in order for you to be cleared. A Medical Officer may not be able to communicate with you immediately if you have a positive screen, which would delay your entry.
  • Please remember to follow these protocols each day you are entering the building;
    • put on your mask prior to exiting your car upon arriving on campus,
    • show your e-mail verifying that you completed the Screening and Attestation Form and are cleared for entry; have it ready to show the safety officer
    • observe social distancing guidelines
    • please show our safety officers patience and respect
  • Colorado Statewide Mask Order - Governor Jared Polis of Colorado issued a statewide mask order on Thursday, July 16, 2020. This order mandates all Coloradans older than 10 years old must wear a face mask when entering any public indoor space. The order can be found  here.

Thank you for doing your part as an integral member of our team by adhering to our protocols that will help ensure everyone’s safety while on campus. As faculty, staff and students at a health sciences university, you are all leaders and we look forward to your leadership more than ever this year.  As such, if you see someone who may have fallen out of compliance, please offer them a thankful reminder.

Our resiliency, valor, and unity will keep us RVU Strong!

Professionally yours,

The COVID-19 Response Team




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