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Biomedical research is a critical component of medical education and includes fundamental studies at the bench, translational research, population studies, education, ethical and humanities studies, and clinical research, including OMM and OPP research. All of these research efforts greatly strengthen the education of medical students and residents preparing for independent practice.


The RVU Department of Research is committed to developing a research culture that strengthens our undergraduate and graduate medical education programs and prepares physicians for enhanced practice. The Department of Research Strategic Plan directly aligns with the University’s Mission and Core Values as described in the Strategic Plan Overview, specifically focusing on three Goals:

  • Domain 1: Academics
    • Goals 3: Research
      • i. Strategy 3.a. Promote translational, educational, and clinical research
      • ii. Strategy 3.b. Augment curricular improvement through research and scholarly activity
      • iii. Strategy 3.c. Advance faculty and student research opportunities
  • Domain 3: Growth
    • Goal 7: Fiscal and Academic Health
      • i. Strategy 7.b. Cultivate synergistic partnerships with other universities, employers, and health care systems
    • Goal 8: Synergy
      • i. Strategy 8.a. Create organizational synergies across educational, financial, accreditation, and research domains.

The research strategy also includes the development of a required mentored scholarly activity/research (MSAR) experience for all RVU-MCOM students. A research focused course coordinated by the Associate Dean/Curriculum and the Director of Research will provide students the necessary skills to develop a research question, carry out the appropriate methodology, and evaluate the outcomes. These objectives will require instruction in biostatistics, research design, basic research methodologies, grant writing, and ethical considerations of research.

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