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About Us

The Office of Simulation in Medicine and Surgery (SIMS) became a university-wide office in 2019, renovating and re-opening the Colorado (CO) RVU Healthcare Simulation Center in the Fall of 2020. Over 16,000 square feet of space in Colorado campus and over 10,000 square feet in Utah (UT) campus is dedicated to hands-on and tele-simulation learning opportunities for all members of the healthcare team. 

Numerous simulation events and modalities are being continually updated and incorporated into intra- and extra-curricula of all programs at RVU at both campuses (CO and UT), including Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program, Physician Assistant Program, tracks and special programs, student clubs and organizations, simulated mass-casualty incidents, and community outreach events. 

Services and Modalities

  • Medical students and Physician Assistant students (CO only) gain experience using task trainers for ultrasonography, vascular access, sterile surgical technique, suturing and operating room etiquette.  
  • First Responders practice resuscitation techniques, intubation, hemostasis and advanced skills such as cricothyrotomy.
  • General Surgery Residents hone their skills at emergency airways and trauma laparotomies, while Family Medicine Residents improve their procedural and wound care capabilities.
  • Practicing physicians can refine their minimally invasive Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery techniques. 3-D Virtual Reality modules and hi-fidelity electronic manikins help train critical thinking skills using simulated patients.
  • Read more about the modalities here


RVU’s Office of Simulation in Medicine and Surgery has the distinction of being recognized as a Comprehensive Accredited Education Institute (AEI) by the American College of Surgeons. It is the first osteopathic medical school to receive this prestigious accreditation. Rigorous reporting metrics are involved in the Annual Compliance Report and Accreditation cycles, overseen by the SIMS Advisory Board. 


Faculty and Staff

RVU’s Office of Simulation in Medicine and Surgery faculty and staff, click below to view the directory.


Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine has developed several specialized educational tracks and programs to further develop the education of interested students. These range from 3.5-year-long tracks to single-semester elective courses.

Student research/scholarly activity is a vital part of health provider education. Research enhances critical thinking skills and increases medical knowledge, as well as preparing students for graduate medical education. Therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in research activities while at RVU.

During their third and fourth years of medical school, students work on clinical clerkships, under the guidance of preceptors. RVU students have clerkships available to them through Colorado and the other Mountain West states.