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The Student Board of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging is a group of students that strives to foster an environment where all students feel welcomed, encouraged, supported and heard. We put this into action by creating spaces for open and honest dialogue without judgement. Our goals are to amplify student voices, strive for a more equitable RVU, and increase education and awareness of DEIB. As a board we want to ensure all students feel like they belong here.

Student of DEIC


Melissa Jimenez
SGA DEI Officer 

I am a first generation Latinx student born, raised, and cooked in Denver, Colorado. I joined the initiative as the SGA DEI officer in hopes of learning alongside my fellow classmates to create measurable and attainable goals toward diversity, equity, and inclusion at RVU. I am passionate about prioritizing inclusivity and incorporating Belonging so that we can learn how to authentically manifest our diverse relationships and experiences with one another and especially into our practices as future health care providers for patients from all walks of life. I am a proud dog mom, sushi fanatic, and indoor skydiving enthusiast.

Olajumoke Akala
COM 2025 Diversity Officer  

Hello my name is Olajumoke Akala. I am the DEI Officer for Class Council 2024. I have always been passionate about all things diversity and inclusion. Given my background of being a military child, I recognized from a young age that people are excluded and judged for things that should be celebrated. I hope to foster a community where conversations are had and people can learn from them. I am excited for the steps RVU is taking towards a more inclusive campus.

Enriqueta Torres
COM 2025 Diversity Officer  

I was born in Port Arthur, Texas to two parents of Mexican decent. My mom was born in Port Arthur like me but lived between the U.S. and Mexico while she was attending school. My dad was born and raised in Mexico and first came to the U.S alone when he was eleven years old to help raise money for his family. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where I with a B.S. in chemistry. Being so close to my family living four hours away in Austin was stressful in many ways, but I was able to have many experiences that I would not have in my hometown. Being able to meet a diverse group of people while in college, helped shape many of the values I have today. After graduating college, I went on to teach High School Physics for two years in my hometown where I ran the science club, assisted with the tennis team, and was the science department head. Being part of the DEI taskforce at RVU as a master’s student made me realize there is still progress that needs to be made but that last day of the diversity summit 2021 gave me hope that we were going in the right direction. I hope to help keep the momentum going for DEIB and keep striving for an inclusive environment for all during my time at RVU.

Louise Hill-Stirling
PAS-1 Class of 2023 Diversity Representative

I am from Girvan Scotland. I’ve worked with the homeless community of Colorado Springs for two years prior to starting school, and that experienced opened my eyes to the socioeconomic disparities in healthcare. It drove me to pursue a healthcare career where I would like to increase health equity by working with underserved populations. A fun fact about me is the furthest I’ve run in one day is 56 miles.

Kristoff Aragon
DO Program, Year 2  

I am originally from Granada Hills, CA, I am in the DO Program Year 2. I am on the Board of DEIB because I want to help increase advocacy and awareness on issues that affect marginalized communities. By bringing these issues to light, I hope students and faculty will learn something valuable and continue to develop compassionate care for a diverse patient population. A fun fact about me I love collecting plants and I currently have 35 under my care.

Ellet (Ellie) Stone 
Coordination Lead   

I am from Asheville, NC and am an OMS II student. Being able to be a part of the student board of DEIB has been one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences I have ever been a part of. I have always been passionate about all thing’s diversity and inclusion and being on this board and hearing first-hand accounts of the inequities within medicine increased my desire to advocate for my fellow students and colleagues. I am so honored to be part of a board of such inspirational and committed individuals working to making our institution and the medical field a better place.

Whitney Waugh
MSBS Diversity Officer 

I obtained my B.S. in Chemistry from Middle Tennessee University in 2009. After graduation, I decided to explore other interests and was accepted into graduate school at Arizona State University for a master’s degree in dance. I have been a professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor since 2010 and went on to dance in professional modern dance companies. I founded my own dance company, producing various shows and performances in Chicago, Arizona, and Colorado; and taught youth modern dance for five years at Littleton Ballet Academy and sat on multiple non-profit dance organizations to help bolster the artistic community in Denver. With a continued interest in health, I became a message therapist in 2016 and founded Living Essence Massage and Bodywork, LLC. While working with people to improve their pain, I realized that medicine was still my purpose. As a non-traditional applicant to medical school, I chose to pursue a master’s degree and was accepted into the RVU MSBS program with hopes of being accepted into osteopathic medical school at RVU. When she is not studying, she enjoys the stillness of being present in nature, cuddling with her three dogs, eating delicious food with friends, and spending quality time with her wife.



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