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Instruction on preparing a research manuscript

Research manuscripts are divided into four main sections consisting of the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. An abstract comprises the fifth section and is included to give the reader an overview of the article. Title pages, references, and, when appropriate, appendices should also be included in the submission of research manuscripts. All research articles submitted to Articulate should include these sections; brief descriptions are listed below. Additional information can be found in the “Writing a Research Manuscript” guide from the RVU Writing Center.

Title Page—For Articulate, please include a title page as a separate file with your submission. The title page includes title (50–100-character limit suggested), author information, authorship order, support, word count, and number of figures and tables.

Abstract— The abstract should provide a summary of the research. The abstract should not be subtitled but it is suggested the author overview the research question, methods, results, and conclusions of the study. It should be written in a clear and concise manner and provide context for the study.

Introduction— The introduction should provide background information on the research topic and context, including relevant literature and any existing research gaps. It is preferable to cite original research studies and avoid referencing review articles when providing background. The research question and hypotheses should also be clearly stated. Data from the study and conclusions are not included in this section.

Methods— The methods section should provide a detailed description of the research design, including the study population, data collection and analysis methods, and any statistical methods used. It should also describe any ethical considerations of the study and approvals from the Institutional Review Board or Animal Care Committee if applicable.

Results— The results section should present the findings of the study in a clear and concise manner, using tables and figures as appropriate. Data should not be repeated in detail between text and tables or figures but summarized. It should also provide statistical analyses and any relevant statistical significance.

Discussion— The discussion section should interpret the results of the study and relate them to the research question and hypothesis. It should also discuss any limitations of the study and suggest future research directions. Authors should avoid making conclusions that are not adequately supported by the data.

References—The references section should include all sources cited in the manuscript and follow the AMA style guide. Reference guides can be found under the Writing Guides tab on the Writing Center.

Acknowledgements—The acknowledgement section should acknowledge contributions from individuals who do not meet all criteria for authorship. This section should also include any funding sources, external and/or intramural.

Appendices—Any additional information that is not essential to the main text of the manuscript but may be useful to readers (e.g., survey instruments, data tables) can be included in the appendices section.